Our fantastic fireworks package is unique in that we will provide you with a remote control, so you can activate the fireworks at your chosen moment. This is a fantastic way to get your guests involved with a countdown and get the display underway.

Our Standard display is £900.00.


The performance  lasts for approximately  nine minutes, however we can tailor a package should you wish to have a display for a longer period of time.  In addition we can also provide fireworks in the form of letters or messages at the end or start of the display.


Display order:

Show Start - Wide bursting shell fired by remote control by the bride and groom.

Stage 2 - Ariel Display of 125 coloured bombettes finished with a 7 min/bombette combination.

Stage 3 An array of ground display fireworks.

Stage 4 - A line of 5 large silver and gold fountains and roman candles with multiple shots.

Finale - A final volley of 10 ariel shells fired high in the sky bursting into a brilliant array of colour.

We have all the relevant safety certificates and public liability insurance.  A full site survey will be made at your chosen location and  we will liaise directly with your venue co-ordinators.